Dream customer experience team – the “starting five”

Dec 15, 2021 | Blog


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Forrester recently shared 2022 predictions about customer experience. One of the predictions was: Customers will Want Over Half of the Pandemic-Era Services to Become the “New Normal”. As an example, one-half to two-thirds of the US and European consumers say that the pandemic has changed how they shop for products. Consumers are also suffering from digital saturation, putting pressure on companies to manage increasingly hybrid customer experiences across physical and digital touchpoints that require connected data, ecosystem thinking, and orchestration of customer, employee and partner journeys. Adapting to the new normal requires a strong CX team in the organizations. So in this blog article, we recommend you a “starting five” for your CX team to become a winner.

  • Analyst: The Analyst is responsible for delivering, highlighting and sharing key data that pinpoint Net Promoter Score® (NPS), Customer Effort Score (CES) and other CX metrics on a regular basis. In addition, they should break down these scores and be able to explain how and why they are going up, down or staying the same. Knowing where these numbers are at all times, and having an explanation as to why they might be changing, is the foundation for your team’s ability to making beneficial changes to the business.
  • CX Evangelist: Another crucial member to any CX Dream Team is the CX Evangelist. This team member will be critical in selling your CX program across the organization. Passionate and articulate, this person has a strong pulse on who needs to be influenced, and oftentimes convinced, that CX is worth investing in.
  • Service Designer: The next critical member of the CX Dream Team is the Design Thinker. By having a high-level, strategic thinker on your team, you can stay one-step ahead to make sure your program produces real results. And this is more than just designing great surveys (though this is important). It’s about creative thinking around areas like how to talk to people and finding creative ways to address business challenges.
  • Structural Thinker: Closing the loop is the most critical step in customer voice programs. It is very important to approach the issue structurally and to use continuous improvement methods in order to turn the customer’s voice into action. At this point, you will need people who will approach the subject with the 6-sigma philosophy and have the competence to improve the processes from end to end.
  • Entrepreneur: Finally, we come to the Entrepreneur. This is your business-savvy team member who gets things done. This person has elements of the other four team players, but wraps solid CX expertise in real business acumen. They understand what delivers results, and how to make that happen. This is vital in ensuring that all the great CX ideals and ideas are translated into action.

Final thoughts; as companies continue to focus on customer experience in the organizations, teams will start putting more and more emphasis on the specific players they need in place to be successful. As CX teams engage across the wider company, you should build your strongest CX team by bringing in people who complement one another.

With the right blend of skills, approaches and experience, there is no stopping the CX Dream Team.


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Dream customer experience team – the “starting five”

by | Dec 15, 2021 | Blog | 0 Comments

Forrester recently shared 2022 predictions about customer experience. One of the predictions was: Customers will Want Over Half of the Pandemic-Era Services to Become...

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