Customer Feedback Analytics


Örnek 1 – Easily understand what customers think about your product and service by using our advanced AI technology to analyze feedback. Make smarter decisions to improve their customer experience.



Örnek 2- Quickly gain insights into customer perceptions of your product and overall customer experience by using our advanced AI capabilities to analyze feedback. Make informed decisions and drive improvements with confidence.

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Gain Holistic Customer Insights

Instantly share and notify teammates about emerging customer issues by combining customer insights. Identify and address critical issues to enhance brand reputation and retain customer loyalty. Gain insights into customer journey obstacles to deliver seamless experiences and optimize satisfaction.

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Pinpoint Key Drivers of Customer Satisfaction


Identify the factors driving repeat orders and loyalty, and establish a correlation between customer experience performance, order growth, and sales.


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Fostering Unified Customer Insights Across Teams

Transform unstructured data into actionable feedback to achieve a comprehensive CX approach, implementing necessary actions along the way. Gain insight into specific trends and themes in customer feedback on one screen, eliminating the need for manual analysis. Improve communication between different teams and departments to build seamless workflows and enhance overall efficiency.

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One Screen for All Voice of Customer Data


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Learn how to apply AI to analyze all experience related “signals” generated by your customers


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Survey Feedback Analytics

Easily collect, analyze, and interpret survey responses to uncover valuable insights. With our intuitive analytics tools, transform raw survey data into actionable insights that drive meaningful business outcomes and foster long-term customer loyalty.

Social Analytics

Analyze customer reviews from platforms such as Reddit, App Store, Amazon to uncover valuable trends. Gain a comprehensive understanding of customer perceptions, identify strengths and weaknesses, and take proactive steps to enhance brand reputation.

Transactional VOC Program

Transform your customer insights with our transactional Voice of Customer program. Capture real-time feedback at key touchpoints, analyze sentiment, and uncover actionable insights to enhance customer experiences. Drive meaningful improvements, increase loyalty, and boost revenue by aligning your business strategies with customer feedback.

Product Analytics

Dive deep into user behavior, track product usage patterns, and analyze feature adoption to gain valuable insights. Identify areas for improvement, prioritize enhancements, and optimize the user experience for increased satisfaction and retention. With our advanced analytics capabilities, make data-driven decisions to drive product innovation and maximize ROI.

Alterna CX Use Cases

Customer Experience Analytics

Understand the factors

influencing customer


Customer Support Analytics

Listen to the voice of your

customers to provide

seamless solutions

Product Feedback Analytics

Improve your product

experiences by analyzing

customer feedback

How Will Revelio Influence Your Results?


60% decrease in churn

50% increase in customer satisfaction

20% drop on time spent on data gathering