Alterna CX’s Voice of the Customer Platform


  • Unleash the power of 85+ customer review sites
  • Analyze real-time voice of the customer signals in 100+ languages
  • Automate actions and trigger workflows at 120+ apps
  • Detect the tone and topic of the feedback in milliseconds
sentiment analysis

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Advantages of Voice of the Customer Programs

360 view of your customers experience in real-time

Track and identify the key issues in each customer journey

Get real-time insights about customer experience quality via a single platform

Understand the drivers of customer experience

Analyze what your customers are trying to tell faster and smarter with AI

Learn which factors have a higher impact on your key metrics

Systematic actions for experience improvement

Turn real time insights to immediate actions

Improve your quality of products and services continuously 

Use Cases of Voice of the Customer Programs

Avoid hopping between VoC channels

Confidently consolidate any structured or unstructured textual data with Voice of the Customer Platforms; create a single source for all customer feedback across journeys. For example, you can turn various VoC channels such as Facebook, Zendesk, and Google Review into a single view.

Reduce manual analysis and repetitive tasks

Text analytics technology saves CX professionals’ time and energy, short cutting the need to scan through customer feedback and other experience signals. So that customer frontline teams would rather be working on high-value tasks instead of clerical tallying.

Triage and apply damage control principles

VoC platforms fueled by NLP act as round-the-clock analyst that identifies and alerts CX professionals and practitioners. For example, you can set a rule like “E-mail me when you get an NPS of 4 or less out of 10 on topic “UI design”

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Collect, track, and unify customer experience signals in real-time across different VoC channels like Facebook, Instagram, Google Play, Appstore, Trustpilot, Amazon, Zendesk, Freshdesk, and more.

  • Reach your customers via every touchpoint

  • Automate NPS or CSAT calculations

Learn continuously from leveraging customer text feedback

  • Meaningful and actionable classification of topics

  • Understanding the sentiment and emotions such as Anger, Joy, Fear


Identify and analyze drivers of experience

  • Identify which dimensions affect your experience KPI’s by how much

  • Exercise what-if’s and prioritize investment decisions on a fact basis

Take action through a real-time process to initiate proactive customer experience management

  • Track trends and highlights across customers from a single place

  • Apply text analytics in real-time to detect alert situations that can lead to customer churn 


Monitor results and performance in real-time and make it visible across the organization 

  • Personalized living dashboards

  • Journey and channel-specific drill-downs

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Seeing is believing

Learn how to apply AI to analyze all the various CX ”signals” generated by your customers via surveys, text, complaints, social media, and other interactions. Discover how to quickly identify and flag the most important problems and opportunities, and then better prioritize your investments.