oCX Reports

Our Consumer Perspectives Series aims to unveil key insights and emerging trends in customer experience across the online food delivery, marketplace, and fintech sectors. Explore our reports to gain valuable insights into these dynamic industries and discover what drives exceptional customer experiences.

Consumer Perspectives: Top Online Food Delivery Brands

  • AI based analysis of 235,000 customer reviews of top 75 brands in the North America including DoorDash, Uber Eats, KFC and Starbucks.
  • Leaderboards across food, grocery, meal kit and alcohol/beverage delivery

Consumer Perspectives: Top Online Marketplace Brands

  • Discover how cultural influences shape customer satisfaction and identify the key factors that have the most impact on customer ratings.
  • Introduction of oCX: an objective metric to quantify customer reviews

Consumer Perspectives: Best Fintech Apps

  • Gain insights on global fintech user sentiments through our analysis of over 500,000 reviews in 2023
  • Discover front runners in customer experience and what it takes to be a top fintech brand
oCX Dashboard

About oCX Score


oCX, or Observational Customer Experience, is a unique metric we’ve developed to gauge the quality of customer experience. Unlike traditional survey-based metrics, oCX is derived from actual written feedback, providing a richer and more authentic reflection of the customer’s perspective. Using advanced AI techniques, we assign numerical scores to customer reviews, allowing us to accurately assess the overall customer experience across various channels, from surveys to social media comments and reviews.