Voice of Employee 

Improving Employee Engagement

With the increasing influence of agile in the way of working of organizations, it is more critical today to improve employee engagement as a lever for higher productivity and retention of key talent.  


Why VoE?

Retention of Key Talent: Track and identify the key moments of each employee journey from recruitment and onboarding to separation.

Higher Productivity – Pulse measurement to increase with faster and frequent feedback

Ensure Happiness of Customer – Excel in customer experience through engaged employees

Key Features of Alterna CX

Measure and Improve Employee Journey

  • Focus on journeys and personas

  • Deploy in natural habitat – integrated to existing platforms already used by employees 

  • Employee journey specific: recruitment, onboarding, promotion

Act Fast and Frequent with Pulse

  • Increase check-points for engagement

  • Measure not only performance but also how employees are reflecting upon company events, announcements, organizational changes

Learn Continuously from leveraging employee text feedback

  • Meaningful and actionable classification of topics 

  • Understand which factors impact engagement scores continuously 
  • Track engagement drivers by department, team, and employee groups 

Monitor and Take Action through a real-time process to initiate proactive employee retention

  • Track trends and highlights across the organization from a single place 

  • Apply text analytics in real-time to detect alert situations such as intent to leave for a high performing talent 

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