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Alterna CX is among the top 3% of CX software vendors globally recognized by Gartner. Our AI-based solution streamlines, simplifies, and organizes all the increasingly complex CX signals generated by customers via surveys, texts, complaints, social and digital conversations, and other interactions.


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“ML-based text analytics and sentiment analytics algorithms run for open-ended feedback. We can now identify the root cause for satisfaction and dissatisfaction almost in real-time. We can also observe trends at each touchpoint and topics and take real-time action.”


Ebru Darip
Chief Marketing and Digital Officer

Covers 20+ Customer Touchpoints


“Customer feedback was collected manually, making the program prone to biases and uncertainties. So, we partnered with Alterna CX to design and implement an identical Voice of Customer solution in five countries: Moldova, Albania, North Macedonia, Bulgaria, Bosnia, and Herzegovina.”

Andrus Kotri
Customer Experience Manager

18+ pts NPS uplift within the first year of implementing Alterna CX


“A key success factor for Aksigorta is taking timely actions with our AI-enhanced Voice of the Customer Program. Monitoring all customer needs and loads of customer reviews helps us to take the action and see the results on NPS scores. ” 


Anıl Erdoğan Özark
Head of Marketing & Agile Product Owner

20+ pts NPS uplift within a couple of months

Alterna CX Experience Management

Alterna CX offers an AI-based solution that streamlines, simplifies, and organizes all the increasingly complex CX signals generated by customers via surveys, texts, complaints, social and digital conversations, and other interactions. Our machine learning technology tracks the data, organizes it, and calls attention to problems, opportunities, and issues that customer experience professionals should monitor. We offer a user-friendly technology to greatly reduce the sorting and screening work required, and in the process, it flags those factors contributing the most to CX quality and customer loyalty.

We add value to more than 45 million customers’ experiences

Save up to 30% of your time for manual analysis of customer feedback.

The accuracy of our sentiment analysis model is over 90%

improve your CX quality

Predict what your NPS results will be in 6 months with 80% accuracy

100% implementation

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We offer a 5-step customer journey optimization method with our AI-based advanced text and predictive analytics technology:

Insight Center

Insight center is where you can collect and unify all complex CX signals generated by customers via surveys, text, complaints, social and digital conversations, and other interactions. You can consolidate any structured or unstructured textual data with insight center and create a single source for all experience data across journeys.

Text Analytics

Text analytics technology saves CX professionals’ time and energy, short cutting the need to scan through customer feedback and other experience signals. By using our out-of-the-box models for text analytics, you enable your business to analyze survey or non-survey data so as not to merely register sentiments, but indeed to understand “emotions” in journeys, themes, and trends in customer feedbacks.

Driver Analytics

With driver analytics solutions you can correctly interpret data. It lets you quickly identify and flag the most important problems and opportunities. Zero in on the most important data for immediate attention! This not only eliminates a significant amount of manual work for CX professionals, but also improves response time.

Driver Simulation

You can utilize predictive analytics with our driver simulation solution. It gives you the opportunity to predict the impact before you implement customer journey optimization actions. You can simulate the results of change on future CX metrics and the customer experience quality. Driver simulation also allows for comparison of the impact of various improvement actions on business metrics, and this capacity empowers you to better prioritize investments.

Action Center

You can report customer experience performances on automated, role-based dashboards. Low scores trigger alarms, and tasks are assigned to relevant employees throughout the organization for necessary actions to close the loop. This loop runs automatically 7/24 and 365 days!

Recent News

Introducing oCX, the New, AI-Generated CX Metric

Introducing oCX, the New, AI-Generated CX Metric

Whenever a company is seeking to evaluate the quality of its customer experience, nothing is more important than the opinions of the customers who actually have the experience. This is why virtually all metrics designed to measure CX quality today are derived from surveys administered directly to customers.

Decoding The Customer

Decoding The Customer

Loads of valuable signals can tell a company what a customer feels about their customer experience, or the extent to which the customer has been highly successful with the company’s product or service, or even how efficient the company’s website is in providing information and access.

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Learn how to apply AI to analyze all the various CX ”signals” generated by your customers via surveys, text, complaints, social media, and other interactions. Discover how to quickly identify and flag the most important problems and opportunities, and then better prioritize your investments.