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Alterna CX is among the top 3% of CX software vendors globally recognized by Gartner. Our AI-based solution simplifies and analyzes complex CX signals from various sources, including surveys, texts, complaints, social conversations, and other interactions.


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“Alterna CX offers unified intelligence for structured and unstructured feedback. With Alterna CX’s ‘NPS Simulation’ capability, we can predict improvements in future NPS results thanks to its 80% accuracy. Moreover, we decreased top customer issues by 20% and increased NPS by 24 pts.”


Gökhan Çakmak
Customer Experience Group Manager

Decreased Customer Issues by %20, increased NPS by 24 pts.


“Customer feedback was collected manually, making the program prone to biases and uncertainties. So, we partnered with Alterna CX to design and implement an identical Voice of Customer solution in five countries: Moldova, Albania, North Macedonia, Bulgaria, Bosnia, and Herzegovina.”

Andrus Kotri
Customer Experience Manager

18+ pts NPS uplift within the first year of implementing Alterna CX


“A key success factor for Aksigorta is taking timely actions with our AI-enhanced Voice of the Customer Program. Monitoring all customer needs and loads of customer reviews helps us to take the action and see the results on NPS scores. ”


Anıl Erdoğan Özark
Head of Marketing & Agile Product Owner

20+ pts NPS uplift within a couple of months

Alterna CX Experience Management

Alterna CX offers an AI-based solution that streamlines, simplifies, and organizes all the increasingly complex CX signals generated by customers via surveys, texts, complaints, social and digital conversations, and other interactions. Our machine learning technology tracks the data, organizes it, and calls attention to problems, opportunities, and issues that customer experience professionals should monitor.

We add value to more than 45 million customers’ experiences

Save up to 30% of your time for manual analysis of customer feedback.

The accuracy of our sentiment analysis model is over 90%

improve your CX quality

Predict what your NPS results will be in 6 months with 80% accuracy

100% implementation

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Discover our comprehensive five-step customer journey optimization method, powered by our cutting-edge AI-based advanced text and predictive analytics technology.

Recent News


Introducing oCX, the New, AI-Generated CX Metric


  • oCX, or “Observational Experience,” is a unique metric that assesses the quality of a company’s customer experience without relying on traditional surveys.
  • This metric is powered by AI technology that analyzes individual customer opinions expressed in unsolicited text comments on social media, review sites, and other online platforms.
online food delivery alt cover

Top Online Food Delivery Brands Report


  • AI based analysis of 350,000 customer reviews in 2023 of top 80 brands in the world including DoorDash, Uber Eats, Just Eat and Grab
  • Introduction of oCX: Observational Customer Experience score – an objective metric to quantify customer reviews
  • Cultural and local trends in food delivery experiences in North America, Europe, and Asia
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Top Online Marketplace Brands Report


  • AI based analysis of 485,000 customer reviews in 2023 of top 85 brands in the world including Amazon, Ebay, Myntra and Rakuten
  • Introduction of oCX: Observational Customer Experience score – an objective metric to quantify customer reviews
  • Champions and Contenders of Online Marketplaces by oCX

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Learn how to apply AI to analyze all the various CX ”signals” generated by your customers via surveys, text, complaints, social media, and other interactions. Discover how to identify and flag the most important problems and opportunities quickly, then prioritize your investments better.