Improving Customer Experience in Five Countries with a Streamlined VoC Program


With over 200,000 active customers across Moldova, Albania, North Macedonia, Bulgaria, Bosnia, and Herzegovina, IuteCredit is a leading European personal finance company. IuteCredit offers customer loans and insurance alongside being involved in retail and hire-purchase products.


IuteCredit implemented and improved customer experience across five countries and transformed its company culture through a streamlined Voice of the Customer (VoC) program.

The Challenge

Having multiple business units across five countries, IuteCredit struggled with establishing a systematic and streamlined VoC program. Customer feedback was collected manually, making the program prone to biases and uncertainties.

IuteCredit ran six different Voice of Customer programs with disparate methodologies in six different languages. As a result, the Customer Experience team focused most of their efforts on establishing central reporting from the various Voice of Customer programs diverting the focus from implementing solutions based on real-time customer feedback. However, IuteCredit wanted to set up a system for improvements based on feedback and not a system that only measures consumer experience.

The Solution

Alterna CX partnered with IuteCredit to design and implement an identical Voice of Customer solution in five countries in one month. Alterna CX enabled data connections to be fully automated where surveys are triggered automatically in predefined touchpoints on the customer journeys. IuteCredit reached a response rate between fifteen to twenty percent using an automated SMS channel for sending surveys. All results from the surveys are immediately visible in Alterna CX dashboards; hence every interaction was instantly received by managers. As a result, IuteCredit improved customer service by implementing a more empathetic approach towards the customer, by training service personnel and by implementing new processes for follow up and continuous improvement. IuteCredit experienced 10+pts NPS uplift within six months and 18+ pts uplift within a first year of going live with Alterna CX.

Alterna CX offers convenient triggers and reminders in the workflow for detractors. For example, when looking at the pain points by detractors, IuteCredit avoided frustrations by altering the method of informing customers to SMS confirmations when the contract ends. In addition, detractors’ feedback led to identifying the critical issues in the company, and IuteCredit changed branch opening hours, increased partner network and ATM network within branches, changed the process of loading cash to ATMs and launched a mobile app upon confirmation from customers.

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