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Leading enterprises from different industries reach their CX objectives with Alterna CX.



Leading enterprises reach their business goals with Alterna CX Experience Management

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Decreasing the complaints about insurance products

Aksigortaa part of  Ageas Group, offers a vast variety of products ranging from health to earthquake insurance products. The CX team achieved a 20+ pts increase in NPS by decreasing complaints.

Bancassurer becomes more customer-centric across the firm

In alignment with the customer journeys and company structure, Eureko revised their CX program in 2021. Right now, they measure realtime customer experience in 7 touchpoints…

India’s top online broker uplifts NPS 30+pts

Sharekhan, by BNP Paribas, is one of the first brokers to offer online trading in India. With Alterna CX, they decreased first response time by 70%, closed the loop with 96% of NPS detractors.

Baltics’ top fintech uplifts NPS by 18+pts in five countries

With over 200,000 active customers across the Baltics and Balkans, IuteCredit is a leading European personal finance company. Alterna CX offers convenient triggers and reminders in the workflow for detractors.

Retailer with 1,500 stores utilizes ML-based text analytics

Koçtaş is the number one home improvement retailer and part of the Kingfisher Group in Europe. The company increased its Net Promoter Score by 60% only in nine months and boosted its customer-centric culture…

Innovative insurer improves 3rd party ecosystem services

Today, transactions from Claims, 3rd parties and Call Center operations are processed, and NPS surveys are sent to customers based on specific transactions across 15+ touchpoints within 24 hours of their experience.

Europe’s leading bank manages CX proactively

Akbank, one of the leading banks in Europe, uses Alterna CX’s AI-based solution to measure customer experience every day in more than 800 of its branches, digital banking channels, and its contact center.

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