Bancassurer Improves Customer Focus Across the Firm

Insurance CX Management

We work with Alterna CX as they offer the best technology and strategic solutions for customer experience  management by revealing our customers’ lifecycle and journey, which is one of the most critical factors in creating a customer-oriented culture.

Customer Experience Strategy & Journey Chapter Lead

-Serhat Sarıtaş

Eureko Insurance Achieved Company-Wide Transparency & Reduces Workload for CX Teams


Eureko Sigorta, which is the leader of bancassurance in Turkey, an expert in risk assessment and an international insurance company, is a member of Achmea, which is one of the largest insurance partnerships in the world, operating with 17,000 employees across 5 countries. In addition to the bank distribution channel, Eureko Sigorta also offers insurance services and products to its clients through its nationwide network of agents and brokers. 


In alignment with the customer journeys and company structure, Eureko revised their CX program in 2021. Right now, they measure realtime customer experience in 7 touchpoints (acqusition, call center inbound, call center outbound, automotive damage, non-automotive damage, health and assistance services) in partnership with Alterna CX. They share realtime feedback with departments respectively and organize  
meetings to discuss possible improvement areas as well as ongoing CX projects. 

  • Achieved company-wide transparency by making customer feedback available to all departments. 
  • Budget allocation and prioritization now takes less effort for senior management. 
  • Improved response time as customer feedback is analyzed without manual effort, making it much easier for CX teams to identify root causes. 

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