oCX Badges

Introducing oCX Badges, the heralds of exceptional customer experiences! Elevate your brand’s credibility and showcase your commitment to customer satisfaction with our distinctive oCX Badges. These badges are more than mere symbols; they encapsulate a promise of quality, trust, and a customer-centric ethos. Join the ranks of businesses transforming customer experiences, one badge at a time. Discover how oCX Badges can set you apart in the realm of outstanding customer service.

Moreover, our blog post “Introducing oCX,” explores how oCX impacts customer experience, with the added support of renowned customer service expert Shep Hyken. Reading this post could significantly enhance your understanding of oCX.

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Global Winners

The Global Winners Badge crowns the absolute best, acknowledging the top three performers worldwide. Reserved for businesses that transcend borders and set a global standard for excellence, this badge is the pinnacle of recognition for those who lead on an international stage.

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Regional Winners

The Regional Winners Badge celebrates the top three performers in key regions like Europe, North America, South America and Asia. This badge signifies remarkable achievement within specific geographical contexts, highlighting standout businesses in their respective regions

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Sub-Category Winners

Honoring specialization, the Sub-Category Winners Badge celebrates top performers in niche sectors from our Consumer Perspectives reports like fashion, entertainment, and food delivery. These badges signify expertise, showcasing businesses excelling in unique consumer needs.

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How to retrieve your badge?

For companies and brands that have excelled on the oCX Leaderboards featured in our reports, showcasing your success is now easier than ever. Simply reach out to us from here, and we’ll provide you with your well-deserved oCX Badge in easily usable .png or .svg format.