Top retailer improves CX

Top Retailer Improves CX

“ML-based text analytics and sentiment analytics algorithms run for open-ended feedback. We can now identify the root cause for satisfaction and dissatisfaction almost in real-time. We can also observe trends at each touchpoint and topics and take real-time action.”

Ebru Darip
Chief Marketing and Digital Officer, Koçtaş

Covers 20+ Customer Touchpoints


Koçtaş, the top home improvement retailer with more than 10M transactions on a yearly basis across its 50+ stores and e-commerce site has a vision to be a perfectly operating omnichannel company. Koçtaş aims to measure every touchpoint, collect real-time feedback and improve continuously across the customer journey from purchase through delivery.

The Challenge

The past efforts in the Voice of Customer program were far from achieving their ultimate goal. Customer feedback was collected periodically but at infrequent intervals and less quantity.Reading open-ended customer feedback and making actionable sense out of it was a time-taking hurdle for the team. Without a timely view of customer feedback, store staff, delivery teams, and call center agents were unable to learn about their shortcomings and take corrective action in time.

Customer centricity often got limited to KPI tracking focus rather than diffusing into the DNA of the organization. Koçtaş was in need of an omnichannel capability to manage customer experience seamlessly and engage the organization across all its physical and digital channels


We partnered with the Koçtaş team to design and implement a seamless NPS program across all its physical and digital channels.

It took less than a month to design and go live the NPS program, that has 10+ touchpoints, 4 survey execution channels, and 4 integration partners.

All touchpoint staff including 50+ store managers, delivery teams, digital team and call center agents use Alterna CX to gain access to customer experience insight specific to their domain.

Transaction specific NPS scores feed into individual’s performance scorecards. When customers give low scores or give negative feedback in the open-ended text, Alterna CX triggers and manages the whole workflow to alert, assign improvement action, track, close and call back the customer.

Koçtaş can now have real-time insight on open-ended feedback from customers: The sentiments as well categorization of the issues and their touchpoints.

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