Unified Customer Intelligence Platform

Quantify the impact and severity of issues, which may help with building organization-wide awareness of critical issues. Detect abnormalities (above thresholds) in customer feedback and alert your team to fix the most pressing issues, relieving the pressure on your limited resources.

Capture and continuously collect all experience data

  • Unleash the power of 85+ customer review sites
  • Understand all conversations across platforms and devices, whether its surveys, reviews, websites
  • Collect transaction-based and personalized experience data to track and measure experience quality in real-time across journeys
  • Design surveys with our easy to use survey interface, with pre-built survey templates and questions
  • Create smart flows based on your needs, select your audience, and build your invitation
  • Collect feedback anytime from anyone at scale – allowing you to act fast and run tests on specific segments and implement quick improvements

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Leverage machine learning-based text analytics

  • Industry-specific, pre-trained, ready-to-use text analytics models.
  • Create or change existing topics based on your needs to adapt to changing business conditions
  • Leverage CX impact analytics to identify the effects that drive the increase or decrease in NPS or eNPS
  • Analyze emotions such as happiness, confusion, anger, and delight across different journeys and transactions
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Analyze experience with customized and role-based dashboards

  • Leverage self-service reporting for measuring, reporting, analysis or taking action without any dependency
  • Track performance at each level through role-based dashboards
  • Use advanced filters to create customized reports based on your needs
  • Track NPS and CSAT analytics
  • Develop visual charts depicting emotions, intents and topics
  • Perform advanced sentiment and trend analysis with comprehensive reporting.

Trigger workflows to communicate with customers

  • Automatically triage and route each customer feedback to related parties in the organization by utilizing a variety of tech (if/then logic, text analytics) to trigger an action and/or create a case for touchpoint employee follow-up.
  • Deploy contextual, action oriented models that can assess and triage urgency of improvement actions at touchpoint level.
  • Apply text analytics in real-time to detect alert situations that can lead to churn

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Ready Integrations

  • Ready integrations with 150+ apps on support and CRM apps, review web sites, social media channels, survey tools.
  • The system can be live in a few days, with no dependency/involvement from your technical resources.
  • Leverage real-time data sharing across the organization through standard APIs

Enterprise-grade security measures 

  • Enterprise-grade data protection at every layer to control data access and across the platform
  • Access controls across the platform to authenticate what information is available to each employee with fine administration and authorization tools
  • Security measures at field-level data encryption at SSL data transfer
  • Supporting industry based regulatory compliance and data protection regulations

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Learn how to apply AI to analyze all the various CX ”signals” generated by your customers via surveys, text, complaints, social media, and other interactions. Discover how to quickly identify and flag the most important problems and opportunities, and then better prioritize your investments.