Alterna Core 

Listen, act, monitor. An essential set of tools to measure and manage customer experience

Real-time feedback: Listen to voice of customers everywhere they interact. Collect feedback across the customer journey from 10+ channels including web surveys, in-app, email, SMS and IVR

Live dashboards: Share insights immediately across the enterprise. Real-time role-based dashboards for each and every employee to track performance.

Action Management: Improve CX daily. Alerts triggered by satisfaction surveys or customer conversations in open-ended text. Automated improvement tasks assignment, tracking, and closure.

Alterna Text

Full suite NLP based Text Analytics capabilities for experience executives and analysts to gather automated insights from any text data including surveys, chats, web sites, social media or other voice of customer and employee data

Get started fast with ready to use models for VoC and Voe Programs: 

  • Identify customer demand, support requests or churn signals with build-in intent detection

  • Automatically organize, understand, and summarize extensive collections of text feedback and determine a cluster of words

  • Predict customer emotions such as happiness, confusion, anger and delight at the moment of customer feedback across different journeys and transactions

  • Predict the effects of specific improvement actions on key business metrics such as NPS, retention, and revenue. Prioritize decisions accordingly

  • 100+ languages supported

Ability to make changes to models from the interface: 

  • Create new topics or change existing topics based on your needs to adapt to changing business conditions and measure the right experience faster

  • Train and create new models with different data sources

Enterprise performance and security enabled: 

  • Kubernetes ready, making life easier for engineering teams and decreasing IT dependency for CX professionals 

  • On-premise deployment possible

Alterna Digital

Analyze the digital footprints of the customer

Analyze customer journeys and scenarios proactively (without surveying customers)

  • Create scenarios from stream data sourcing from the mobile, web or other 3rd party logs and event data

  • Get insights on journey and scenario statistics and trends

  • Identify bottlenecks in customer journeys as they are happening

  • Conduct customer level profiling and journey details

Take actions on defined triggers

  • Attach real-time surveys at the end of multiple-step journeys

  • Activate tasks or alerts to other users or systems based on specific journey triggers

  • Use workflow designer to manage scenarios and actions 

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