Best-selling author, speaker, and global customer experience authority Don Peppers will advise Alterna CX on a variety of subjects related to making its high-tech customer experience analytics capabilities available to more companies around the world. 

Customer experience (CX) authority Don Peppers has joined the Advisory Board of Alterna CX, a company recognized for its AI-based solutions for companies seeking to track, measure, manage and improve their customer experiences.  

According to Don Peppers, Alterna CX now brings an important new capability to companies wanting to deliver the highest-quality customer experience. “By applying AI to analyze all the various CX ‘signals’ generated by customers, including surveys, text, complaints, social media, and other interactions,” he says, “Alterna CX’s solution can quickly identify and flag the most important problems and opportunities that a company ought to be paying attention to. This not only eliminates a significant amount of manual work for CX professionals, but also improves the company’s response time. Moreover, their solution reliably predicts what factors most contribute to higher customer experience quality and loyalty.” 

“I’ve known Alterna CX’s founders and leaders personally for years,” Peppers adds. “Having worked with them directly during their time at Peppers & Rogers Group, I have great confidence in their passion for the customer experience, and I’m quite impressed with the technology they’ve brought to market here. In my opinion, this represents a game-changer for CX professionals around the world, automating many of the routine tasks that often hinder the customer experience management process.”  

rol Kurt, CEO of Alterna CX, saysOur company’s culture is based on collaboration, which has allowed us to capture each other’s ideas and build our collective intelligence. Now, with Don Peppers officially joining our Advisory Board, we are looking forward to providing our clients with an even deeper understanding of their customers’ real thoughts and feelings. I’m confident our clients will get a clear vision for mapping their customers’ journeys and creating actionable improvements in the design of their customer experiences.” 

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Alterna CX is a leading experience management software company, among the top 3% of vendors globally recognized by Gartner and Forrester. Alterna CX works for different sectors from retail, e-commerce, banking, insurance to automotive industries with global brand names. 

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