CX Signals and Slack Pair for a Perfect Fusion in Organizational Culture

Apr 25, 2022 | Blog

Slack has come a long way since its inception back in 2009.  Currently, users send over 1.5 billion messages per month. According to Slack statistics from 2021, 88,000 of the 600,000+ organizations that use Slack have a paid subscription; approximately 550,000 use the free version. You probably work for one of those companies. Slack’s popularity is part of a larger trend of using in-app communication to replace e-mail whenever possible. It’s the equivalent of texting in the corporate world. So here is where text analytics comes in and how you can infuse customer centricity in your organizational culture by Slacking customer feedbacks when you integrate Slack with your AI-enhanced CX management system. Let’s see how Slack Integration creates value for your company’s corporate culture.

CX signals and Slack favor teamwork to focus on amplifying customers’ voices

This in-app trend has greatly expanded methods for collecting customer feedback, including NPS. The crucial advantage comes from directing valuable feedback about your product or service to the appropriate teams and individual contributors within your organization. Slack integration with your machine learning tools provides alignment with your teams.

Here are tips and approaches for how you can leverage valuable CX signals and Slack to create a more customer-focused culture:

1. Share customer experience data company-wide

CX automation tools can send responses, comments, and transaction information to the Slack Channel. Automated alerts and feedback scores are pushed from the CX analytics tools, as well.  These high-tech products ensure that non-filtered, non-interpreted comments straight from the customer’s mouth reach the entire team directly rather than have a customer manager go to R&D to explain a situation. The relevant stakeholders are on the same page immediately, enabling them to gather and find a solution ASAP.  Furthermore, general feedback and feature requests directly impact the product strategy and roadmap.

2. Distill customer feedback data for action by team

You can set rules for distribution of CX data based on your strategic planning and company-wide OKRs. That’s how customer feedback reaches the most relevant business units. Here are some ideas:

  • Send promoter responses to Sales so that they can follow up on referrals and upsells, and to Marketing so that they can make the most of promoter comments by turning them into testimonials.
  • Send negative feedback to Customer Support / Success so that they can close the loop on dissatisfied consumers.

You can create various alerts based on your organizational chart via your AI-enhanced CX management system’s Slack integration with a few clicks in your dashboards.

3. Increase top management’s awareness of real customer issues

Transparency and early warning are expected to drive decision-making and strategy execution through top management reporting. According to the findings from Deloitte’s European survey*, management reporting expectations are changing. Today’s top executives are looking for insights that will help them drive performance rather than just numbers.  Insightful information relies on customer feedback. Therefore, top management need to know facts and figures about CX metrics and quality. For example, every CEO should be able to respond to the following question: “What are the top three reasons why people recommend and do not recommend your brand?” When NPS feedback is shared in real-time via Slack, company leaders are not the last to know, but rather are informed so they stay on top of the most important customer issues.

4. The sustainable environment through Slacking customer signals

We can plainly see the influence and benefits of this new way of communicating at work, as more transparent, real-time communication has become standard in our personal lives. People in the workplace should be connected to and accountable for their words in almost all circumstances. This adds a layer of gravity and consideration to how people communicate with one another and frame their inquiries. Tools such as Slack can help with this. As a result, Slacking customer feedback plays a role in developing more sustainable stakeholder relationship management. Transparency is demonstrated by sharing experience data in real-time via Slack. It means more team members are engaged with customers and can understand customers’ emotions—their real needs—in a more transparent and accountable way.

About AI-based CX software Alterna CX’s Slack Integration

The Alterna CX/Slack integration allows companies that aim to measure and improve customer loyalty and CX quality proactively to get what they hear from customers circulated across the organization. We have made it simple to put into action with our AI-based industry models.

Alterna CX creates a crystal-clear customer’s voice feed on Slack.

Alterna CX’s customizable natural language processing, ML based text analytics, and customer emotions & needs analysis offer an ideal discovery system. These extraordinary capabilities prevent ambiguous, irrelevant, unfocused customer feedback from distracting employees on Slack channels. Advanced, real-time text analytics, powered by ML-based industry models, automatically help organizations to produce actionable insights about not only positive comments but also the blind spots, broken systems, and breakdowns that bedevil the whole organization. Technically speaking, you may set up a system that filters comments whether from promoters, passives, detractors, or from everyone based on topics, sentiments, or emotions.  The Alterna CX’s high-tech product also has a feature that allows users to specify types of responses to be sent, and from whom in the organization. For example, you can make it bring all product-related feedback to your R&D channel; or promoters’ responses that express pride, happiness, and celebratory emotions to your marketing channel for future elaboration as testimonials.

Alterna CX can send set alerts to Slack Channel with the survey, alert detail with response and comments, and transaction information. It allows you to make closing the loop process easier.

What is more, Alterna CX measures Net Promoter Score and shares it for free in Slack.  And also, Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) and Customer Effort Score (CES) survey responses can be integrated with Slack. With the response, you can also send customer properties.

Prepare your teams to act on the drivers of customer happiness.

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