Webinar Program:
• Keynote Session
• New era for CX technologies
• The story of Hepsiburada, Alterna CX’s client
The fastest-growing e-commerce operator in Europe
The first Turkish company listed on the NASDAQ

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Watch on Demand

Loads of “signals” can tell a company what a customer feels about their customer experience, or the extent to which the customer has been successful with the company’s product or service, or even how efficient the company’s website is in providing information and access. But before a business can decode those signals and make any real sense of them, it must first collect a great deal of raw data – survey responses, text interactions, social media comments – 99% of which will just be noise, with little if any useful information. Alterna CX’s AI-based software can separate the signal from this noise, saving time, effort, and money for customer-experience professionals charged with identifying problems and improving their company’s CX.

To see how, come to our “Decoding the Customer” webinar, with keynote speaker Don Peppers, followed by Alterna CX Co-Founder Poyraz Ozkan and guest speakers from Hepsiburada, Turkey’s first NASDAQ-listed company and a star Alterna CX client. Esra Beyzadeoğlu, Hepsiburada’s Chief People and Culture Officer, and Buğra Asfuroğlu, Customer Experience Director, will discuss how this European e-commerce business is able to be successful in its competition with companies like Amazon and Alibaba, by ensuring that CX plays a central role in its overall business strategy, and using Alterna CX’s AI-based product to:


  • Rapidly analyze various CX signals to make sense of text interactions in real time;
  • Reduce manual effort in managing its complex CX operations; and
  • Better prioritize investment decisions and initiatives with a holistic view.