AI in CX: Is it hype or the new reality?

Workshop AI in CX

The use of AI in customer experience is not new.

Customer service automation through AI, generated content in chatbots, and machine learning-based text analytics on customer feedback have been around for some time. Yet, the scale, speed, and possibilities of things we can do with AI have incredibly expanded thanks to new technologies including but not limited to ChatGPT.

What are the latest AI-driven CX trends? Which pain points can they help you with?

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  • Sample best-practice applications of the latest AI tech in collecting, interpreting & action taking on your CX data.
  • The outcome of AI analysis on your own customer’s feedback from public sources. What factors drive satisfaction in your customers? What do they like/dislike about you vs. your competitors? What should you fix first to maximize the uplift in your target KPIs?