Domino's Pizza USA User Feedback Statistics

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Domino’s is a global pizza delivery and takeout chain known for its wide range of pizzas, pasta, sandwiches, and sides. With a commitment to quality and convenience, Domino’s offers online ordering and speedy delivery services to customers worldwide.

oCX Score

The oCX (Observational Experience) score is a metric that evaluates customer experience without using traditional surveys. It leverages AI to analyze unsolicited text comments from social media, review sites, and other online platforms, predicting customer sentiment and likelihood of recommendation on a scale of 0 to 10.


Positive Sentiment Rate

Domino’s excels in delivery time, with users praising its efficient and user-friendly online ordering system that guarantees swift delivery. Feedback highlights the convenience and promptness of deliveries, often arriving within 20-40 minutes. Customers also appreciate the positive attitude of the workers, enhancing the overall satisfaction and encouraging generous tipping.


Negative Sentiment Rate

Users express various concerns regarding product pricing at Domino’s. Criticisms include the lack of transparency in pricing, high costs associated with orders, and dissatisfaction with delivery fees that don’t benefit drivers. Some users find it difficult to view prices easily, while others are frustrated by complicated order processes with additional fees and minimum order requirements. Overall, there’s a general discontent with the perceived high pricing strategy, leading to suggestions of corporate greed and drastic measures against it.

oCX for Each Topic

  • App Usability (40)
  • Service Quality (58)
  • Product Quality (85)
  • Delivery Time (84)
  • Delivery Process (-4)
  • Product Price (24)

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App Reviews

Topic: Campaigns

$6.99 menu promo is hitting, Domino’s is revived like never before, double meat toppings, all the different sauces you can add if you’re sick of the traditional tomato sauce like myself (btw Alfredo with double chicken is my fav). Oh and those sandwiches are insane good. Good job guys!!!!

Rating: 5 Stars

Topic: Delivery Time

I love Dominos pizza 🍕 because they are really fast for Delivering my pizza the people in the neighborhood should order from them because they are really fast

Rating: 5 Stars

Topic: App Usability

App doesn’t work. Does not recognize my email nor password. But works on the website…

Rating: 2 Stars

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