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Factor_ is a meal delivery service that specializes in providing fresh, chef-prepared meals that are ready to eat in minutes. With a focus on convenience and nutrition, Factor_ offers a rotating menu of gourmet dishes crafted from high-quality ingredients.

oCX Score

The oCX (Observational Experience) score is a metric that evaluates customer experience without using traditional surveys. It leverages AI to analyze unsolicited text comments from social media, review sites, and other online platforms, predicting customer sentiment and likelihood of recommendation on a scale of 0 to 10.


Positive Sentiment Rate

The majority of the positive feedback highlights the high quality of the products, particularly in terms of taste and satisfaction. Users frequently describe the meals as “delicious,” “tasty,” and “excellent,” often emphasizing the restaurant-quality aspect of the food. There is a recurring theme of users expressing love and enjoyment of the food, with remarks on how the meals meet their expectations and even exceed them in flavor and variety. This kind of feedback indicates a strong customer appreciation for the quality and culinary appeal of the products offered.



Negative Sentiment Rate

Users report problems such as the app being difficult to navigate, slow to open, or experiencing errors during use. Some comments reflect frustrations with specific functionalities like signing up or managing orders, describing these processes as cumbersome or problematic. This suggests that while the product quality is well-received, the app’s usability poses challenges for users, potentially impacting their overall experience and satisfaction.

oCX for Each Topic

  • App Usability (-24)
  • Service Quality (-10)
  • Product Quality (94)
  • Delivery Time (19)
  • Delivery Process (-57)
  • Product Price (20)
The statistics and information provided on this page offer a general overview. For more detailed insights and statistics on specific subcategories, we invite you to download the comprehensive report.

App Reviews

Topic: App Usability

App is super buggy, won’t allow me to change meals or my plan, says NaN meals, NaN plan. I just do my menus on a browser. This needs to be fixed for sure.

Rating: 5 Stars

Topic: App Usability

Fantastic app and very user friendly.

Rating: 5 Stars

Topic: Product Quality

Delicious and filling! Well worth it!

Rating: 5 Stars

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