alterna experience management

Leverage machine learning-based text analytics that leads to actionable improvement


  • Alterna CX provides cutting-edge machine learning tools, which mines text based data and customer comments to identify sentiments, topics and root causes
  • Identify customer demand, support requests, or churn with built-in intent detection
  • Predict customer emotions such as happiness, confusion, anger, and delight at the moment of customer feedback across different journeys and transactions
  • Predict the effects of specific improvement actions on key business metrics such as NPS, retention, and revenue. Prioritize decisions accordingly
  • Create new topics or change existing topics based on your needs to adapt to changing business conditions and measure the right experience faster
  • Use our out of the box models and start from day 1 or configure a custom model based on your needs
  • Alterna CX text analytics supports multilingual models for different industries including banking, insurance and retail 

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