How CX Priorities Differ Across the Atlantic

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Alterna CX Co-Founder and CEO, Gürol Kurt, has recently joined the “Talking CX – CX Around the World” podcast series. The program is hosted by Robin Miller and Graham Clark, who lead discussions and share stories about customer experience. Kurt with over twenty years of CX expertise appears in two episodes.

 The first episode shines a light on:

  • Real world CX stories from Central European companies and Gürol Kurt’s approach to CX strategy.
  • Kurt explains how CX in Central Europe differs from its conception in the U.S.A.
  • Lessons that can be applied to any market.

In the sequel, the panel discusses the Alterna CX report on the five top trends that every CX professional would be wise to follow closely in 2022:

  • Whether familiar or relatively new, how each trend will play a key role this year in Central Europe and beyond.
  • Explanation of each topic with solid examples.
    • Real time CX analytics
    • Problem solving matters more than ever
    • Omnichannel is not an option
    • Hyper personalization
    • The rise of employee experience

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