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In our expert opinion podcast, Corey User, Partner at Wipro Digital, shared his insights on the short and long term effects of Covid-19 on the financial institutions and why listening to the voice of the customer in unprecedented times is crucial.

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In our expert opinion podcast, Corey User, a seasoned strategy and management consulting partner for the Banking and the broader FS industry at Wipro Digital, had a conversation with our Co-Founder, Poyraz Ozkan.

As an initial response to the pandemic, banks, and financial institutions in the U.S have been mainly focusing on business continuity plans (BCPs). According to Corey User of Wipro Digital, these efforts may not be enough to retain the customer base and value. He believes banks and financial institutions should accelerate their digital transformation with a focus on AI and customer experience. Listen to learn more about Corey’s perspectives on the short and long term effects of COVID-19 and his recommendations for banks.

Here are some of our discussion topics:

  • What is the expected impact of the COVID-19 on US banks and the financial ecosystem?
  • How are banks responding? What are some areas they should prioritize as the situation continues to evolve?
  • What role can listening to the voice of customers play in navigating through the crisis? 

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