Making insight generation a habit

Aras Bilgen, a distinguished guest and an expert on human centric design with global industry experience. He is also a scholar and an author. We talked about how to make insight generation a habit

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Making Insight Generation a Habit

An expert opinion Podcast, featuring Aras Bilgen 

In our expert opinion podcast, Aras Bilgen, an expert on human-centric design with global industry experience, scholar and an author with a new book coming out, joined our co-founder Poyraz Ozkan and talked about how to make insight generation a habit. 

Post Covid-19, for most organizations the speed of digital transformation is doubling or even tripling. Product owners are accelerating their pursuit of delivering better products and journeys. Yet there are still some companies that fall out of the spectrum, where they do not have significant efforts in understanding the needs of users resulting in very ad hoc processes in creating or improving products.

Listen to learn more about Aras Bilgen’s perspective on our discussion topics: 

  • Excuses for not doing research
  • How user research, marketing research, and analytics should be combined for good insights
  • Successful ways to run research inside the organization
  • How to turn these into a habit, at any budget and timeline

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Aras Bilgen

Aras Bilgen

Design Trainer and Consultant

Aras Bilgen, an expert on human-centric design, provides design training, coaching, and strategic consulting services for designers, business analysts, agile teams, managers, and executives. He is the author of an upcoming book Product Research Rules and an active speaker in international design conferences. The products he has worked on have reached more than 160 million users worldwide. Previously, he was the Senior VP of experience design and front-end development at Garanti BBVA. Before Garanti BBVA, he worked with ÇiçekSepeti, a leading flower and gifting site, Monitise, and Intel. His research efforts include Microsoft Research, University of California, Irvine, and Lancaster University. He holds a BSc from Bilkent University and an MSc in Computer Science from Georgia Tech. Fun fact: he is an avid cook and an expert on food-related trivia games.
Poyraz Ozkan

Poyraz Ozkan

Co-Founder, Alterna CX

Poyraz Ozkan is the co-founder of Alterna, the team behind the AI-based Customer Experience Management solution: Alterna CX.  Previously Poyraz was a principal at the management consulting firm Peppers & Rogers Group, serving clients in telecommunications, retail, and transportation industries across 4 continents. Poyraz has been actively participating in leading the customer-centric transformation in banks with the use of the voice of the customers.


 With increasing competition across industries, it is more important to understand what customers are thinking about the products and/or services provided by companies.
Voice of Customer program enables companies to systematically capture, track, and analyze customer feedback and act based on the collected insights.

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