The One with the 1% Diamond Insight

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Alterna CX Co-Founder and CEO, Gürol Kurt, recently joined the “CX Passport” podcast series and talked about “The one with the 1% diamond insight”. The program is hosted by Rick Denton, who leads a show about creating great customer experiences, with a dash of travel talk.

When it comes to customer experience, 99% of customer feedback -survey responses, text interactions, and social media comments – will just be noise. You need to get the “1% Diamond Insight” to identify the root causes of CX problems and zero in on the most important customer insight for immediate attention! This episode shines light on:

Variance in NPS results across geographies

How to hear customers’ voices beyond the survey and NPS results

Retail self-service appetite vs desire for assistance across the globe

Urban vs rural approach to Customer Experience in Turkey

Being a global tourist: one of the most important paths to peace

What it’s like to live in Turkey, one of the most sought-after tourist destinations in the world