IuteCredit: Improving Customer Experience in Four Countries with a Streamlined Voice of the Customer Program

On our best practice webinar series, we are joined by Andrus Kotri, Customer Experience Manager at IuteCredit, to discuss how they’ve transformed their company culture through a comprehensive voice of the customer program

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We are joined by Andrus Kotri to discuss how IuteCredit improved customer experience across four countries and transformed its company culture with a streamlined Voice of the Customer program. We deep dive into the implementation process of the VoC program and the specific actions they took to improve and are continuing to improve their customers’ experiences across four countries.

IuteCredit, established in 2008, is a leading European personal finance company serving customers in Moldova, Albania, North Macedonia, Bulgaria and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Here are some of our discussion topics: 

  • The challenges faced by IuteCredit before a comprehensive VoC program

  • The process of implementing the VoC program

  • Results and real-life improvements on customer experiences

Featured Speakers

Andrus Kotri

Andrus Kotri

Customer Experience Manager, IuteCredit

Andrus is responsible for the administration of the VoC program in IuteCredit Europe. And also for driving change for improving customer experience and reducing customer effort across IuteCredit subsidiaries. He has previous experience managing frontline teams and quality and performance systems, CRM, and customer loyalty programs in mid-sized organizations. Additionally, Andrus has written a Ph.D. thesis about Customer Experience Management in service companies. 
Poyraz Ozkan

Poyraz Ozkan

Co-founder, Alterna CX

Poyraz Ozkan is the co-founder of Alterna, the team behind the AI-based Customer and Employee Experience Management solution: Alterna CX. Previously, Poyraz was a principal at the management consulting firm Peppers & Rogers Group, a company recognized as the world’s foremost authority on customer-based business strategy.  He served clients in banking, telecom and retail industries across 4 continents.

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