AI-Driven CX Solutions For Every Team

Empower your CX strategy with Alterna’s AI-driven solutions. From sentiment analysis to proactive customer engagement, our platform enhances customer experiences across diverse industries and use cases.

Alterna CX Use Cases

Customer Experience Analytics

Understand the factors

influencing customer


Customer Support Analytics

Listen to the voice of your

customers to provide

seamless solutions

Product Feedback Analytics

Improve your product

experiences by analyzing

customer feedback

Customer Experience Analytics

Open Ended Text Analytics – Understand the relation of customer experience performance with order growth and sales

NPS Simulator – Identify drivers of satisfaction and loyalty to predict impact of improvements

Turn Feedback into Action– transform unstructured survey data into actionable insights that drive meaningful business outcomes and foster long-term customer loyalty

Customer Support Analytics

Measure and Improve Online Reputation

  • Analyze thousands of social data from various sources on a single screen

  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of customer complaints and turn them into strengths 

  • Take proactive steps to fix performance in different regions and branches

Product Feedback Analytics

Product Roadmap – Understand the pain points impacting conversion and transform them into successful orders on both the website and the app

Understand User Behavior – Understand user sentiments and trends and turn them into actionable insights to refine your product strategy

Product Strategy – Automatically analyze product related reviews and track product usage patterns and prioritize areas for improvement

Increase Communication – Improve communication between marketing teams, CX teams, and product teams to build seamless workflows

Customer Testimonials

ford logo colored



Saved 200+ hours of manual analysis


Increased NPS by 18 points

Alterna CX Industries



Food Delivery


One Screen for All Voice of Customer Data


Seeing is believing


Learn how to apply AI to analyze all the various CX ”signals” generated by your customers via surveys, text, complaints, social media, and other interactions. Discover how to quickly identify and flag the most important problems and opportunities, and then better prioritize your investments.