How the Customer-Driven Agenda Shapes the Future of Insurance

In our expert opinion session, we’ve invited Kurt Neckebrouck, Market Development Manager at Baloise Insurance to discuss how the customer-centric agenda shapes the future of insurance.

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In our expert opinion session, we’ve invited Kurt Neckebrouck, Market Development Manager at Baloise Insurance to discuss how the customer-centric agenda shapes the future of insurance. Kurt has led award-winning customer projects at Baloise Insurance, a leading European-based insurance group that provides prevention, pension, assistance, and insurance solutions.

Our discussion topics include: 

  • Managing customer experience and NPS at Baloise Insurance
  • Baloise position in the new reality following the pandemic
  • The expected drivers that will shape up the future of insurance and how Baloise insurance is preparing for them

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Kurt Neckebrouck

Kurt Neckebrouck

Market Development Manager

Baloise Insurance is a major insurance company based in Belgium and part of the Swiss Baloise Group. As passionate about customers, Kurt is constantly looking at the customer needs, behaviors, and touchpoints that allow Baloise Insurance to bring added value and relevance to the lives of the various customer segments. Before joining Baloise Insurance Kurt was the country manager at the management consulting firm Peppers & Rogers Group, based in Belgium managing multiple key accounts in Telco, Retail, and Financial Services. Kurt is a passionate marketeer and a strong believer in the 1to1 principle.
Gurol Kurt

Gurol Kurt

CEO, Alterna CX

Gurol Kurt is the co-founder of Alterna CX, the team behind the AI-powered Customer Experience Management solution. Alterna CX simplifies customer experience measurement and management for enterprises. Previously Gurol was the Customer Experience Director at TeliaSonera’s Eurasia Opco’s in 7 countries and before that was a Partner at the management consulting firm Peppers & Rogers Group.

 With increasing competition across industries, it is more important to understand what customers are thinking about the products and/or services provided by companies.
Voice of Customer program enables companies to systematically capture, track, and analyze customer feedback and act based on the collected insights.

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