IuteCredit: Improving Customer Experience in Four Countries with a Streamlined Voice of the Customer Program

Best practice webinar series with IuteCredit to discuss how they’ve transformed their company culture through a comprehensive voice of the customer program

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In our best practice webinar, we are joined by Andrus Kotri to discuss how IuteCredit improved customer experience across four countries and transformed its company culture with a streamlined Voice of the Customer program. We deep dive into the implementation process of the VoC program and the specific actions they took to improve and are continuing to improve their customers’ experiences across four countries.

IuteCredit, established in 2008, is a leading European personal finance company serving customers in Moldova, Albania, North Macedonia, Bulgaria and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Some of our discussion topics include:

  • The challenges faced by IuteCredit before a comprehensive VoC program
  • The process of implementing the VoC program
  • Results and real-life improvements on customer experiences