Smart Customer Experience to Drive Real-Time Action

On Demand Webinar Smart Customer Experience to Drive Real-Time Action

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Most companies today deploy Voice of Customer programs and measure customer experiences every day by sending surveys to their customers. Yet, most of these programs do not produce the desired results in customer experience, and often the feedback of customers are not turned into actions.

In this webinar, together with our guest speakers, Don Peppers, Ebru Darip and Efe Capar, by addressing the questions below we discussed how to develop Voice of Customer program that can drive real-time action:

  • How to identify early warning signals and enable proactive management of customer experiences?
  • Why is real-time action key to improving the customer experience?
  • Why is it crucial to have a 360 view of Voice of Customer by using all available data sources such as survey, voice, text verbatims, etc.