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Do you lack the resources and time to get full control of your unstructured data? With Alterna Copilot, effortlessly analyze all voice of customer data from a single screen. Get a deeper reflection of customer experience with generative AI technology.

 Why Alterna Copilot?


Seamlessly integrate data from multiple sources, leverage advanced analytics for real-time insights, and streamline processes for faster decision-making.



Alterna Copilot is engineered to simplify data analysis for CX professionals.We prioritize seamless onboarding and swift implementation, all without the need for client IT.


Experience affordability without compromising quality. With a complimentary free trial, explore Alterna Copilot’s full capabilities risk-free and get personalized solutions.

Watch How We Do It

Introducing oCX – A new era for open ended reviews.

  • oCX, observational customer experience, is designed as a metric aimed at evaluating a customer’s satisfaction on a scale of 0 to 10 without asking them.

  • oCX can provide a deeper reflection of customer experience by analyzing emotions in open-ended customer comments through text analysis. This powerful method understands the customer’s voice and quantifies it.

  • oCX score guides you to deliver exceptional customer experiences while maximizing operational efficiency and growth.


All voice of customer data in one screen

  • Our game-changing AI algorithm delivers real-time insights from 85+ data sources such as CRM data, survey data, social data.

  • Identify topics, issues, and sentiments to enhance customer interactions, and drive business growth effortlessly.

  • Real-time monitoring and reporting capabilities provide you with instant visibility into key performance metrics, allowing you to quickly identify trends and address issues as they arise.

Get a holistic view of your customer’s journey

  • Connect different voice of customer data sources with readily integrated 85+ data sources such as Google Reviews, App Store, Amazon, Reddit and more.

  • Upload your own data in two clicks and capture the voice of your customers instantly without a client IT.

  • Turn feedback into action and implement data-driven strategic decision-making.


Measure the ROI of your CX initiatives.

  • Instantly extract meaningful insights from various data sources, each containing numerous customer touchpoints and an abundance of unstructured CX data across every platform.

  • Leverage historical insights to inform your business decisions.

  • Control your customer feedback with advanced filters and customizations

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