Optimizing Returns: Driver Simulation for CX ROI

Jan 9, 2024 | Blog

In our recent exploration of “The ROI of Customer Experience,” we navigated the challenges of short-termism in today’s corporate landscape. Now, building on last week’s momentum, this post delves deeper into the practicalities of measuring and proving the financial impact of CX initiatives. We’re excited to showcase Alterna CX’s “Driver Simulation,” a solution that transcends theory.

Forecasting CX Impact with Predictive Analytics

Our Driver Simulation, powered by predictive analytics, lets you forecast the impact of customer journey optimization actions before implementation. Picture simulating changes on future CX metrics. With this tool, we empower you to compare the impact of improvement actions on business metrics, aiding better investment prioritization. Furthermore, Driver Simulation is metric agnostic and can be used with any numeric metric, including NPS, CSAT, App Store ratings, or others. As CX professionals, we understand the struggle of proving the CX-ROI link, and the Driver Simulation is your practical guide. Join us on this journey as we bridge theory and practice, providing actionable strategies and a sample demonstration to showcase the impact of DS in action.

ShopSphere’s oCX Explored with Driver Simulation

Embarking on a practical exploration, we delve into the details of a hypothetical company named ShopSphere while keeping its identity undisclosed. As we analyze the factors influencing ShopSphere’s oCX score using Alterna CX’s simulator, a clear priority emerges: App Usability/Ease of Use. A modest 1-point enhancement in App Usability could propel ShopSphere’s oCX score by nearly 7 points! Following closely is Service Quality, where a mere 1-point improvement in satisfaction has the potential to elevate the overall score by an impressive 3 points.

Product and Experience professionals can try different combinations of improvements on the simulator to decide where to allocate their resources.


    Figure 1. Alterna CX’s Driver Simulation Powered by Predictive Analytics


    In conclusion, our exploration into “The ROI of Customer Experience” led us to the practical realm of measuring and proving the financial impact of CX actions. Alterna CX’s “Driver Simulation” emerges as a pivotal solution, utilizing predictive analytics to forecast and compare the impact of customer journey optimizations. As we dive into a detailed analysis of a company’s oCX score using the DS, it becomes evident that strategic improvements across various factors, such as App Usability and Service Quality, can significantly elevate the overall customer experience. This sample demonstration underscores the understanding offered by Alterna CX in aligning CX actions with tangible business outcomes.

    Curious to explore more about Driver Simulation? We extracted this simulation from our comprehensive Top Online Marketplace Brands report, where you can read about DS and more.

    Furthermore, to witness “Driver Simulation” in action, you could also visit our Interactive Demo page and experience firsthand how it can enhance your approach to customer experience optimization.

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