The latest version of Alterna CX: Florence is now live!

We are continuing to simplify experience management through our latest Florence version update. Florence is inspired by Florence Nightingale, who, while revolutionizing the nursing profession, was also among the first to use circular diagrams as visual aids and invented a “polar area graph” similar to the pie chart. Florence Nightingale used data visualizations and diagrams to show the effects of infection and mortality rate to make it explicit and conclusive. With sophisticated dashboards and self-service reporting, easing survey creation, and improved action management, experience managers, can now decrease the time spent on operations and focus on the impact of taking action.

What’s new?

While developing Florence, our key themes were emotion analytics, impact analytics, and streamlined voice of the customer operations.

Here are some of the innovations coming to Alterna CX with Florence:

• Our latest innovation, emotion modeling, enables Enterprises to predict customer emotions such as happiness, confusion, anger, and delight at the moment of feedback across different journeys and transactions. Our development team was inspired by Dr. Robert Plutchik’s emotional wheel to create seven frequently felt emotions across experiences regardless of the industry. The emotion model will enable our customers for better experience analysis and a new function to initiate action.

• Florence enables our customers to predict the effects of specific topics in text analytics on key business metrics such as NPS, retention, and revenue and prioritize decisions accordingly. Through our new smart reporting, Enterprises can identify which topic or closed-end questions drive the increase or decrease in NPS or eNPS.

• Customer and employee journeys are more dynamic in the new normal. Most teams continue to work remotely: designing and understanding the experience, taking quick action, and ensuring alignment in organizations has become even more vital. Through our fully revamped design, self-service reporting, and action management interface, experience managers can use their quality time on analysis and not operations.

What’s Next?

We will continue our work in improving experience analytics and machine learning for our customers to excel in their decision-making processes that influence better business outcomes.



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