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Feb 1, 2024 | Resources

Unveiling the Culinary Chronicles: Beyond Menu and Mr D in the Spotlight of Online Food Delivery Analysis


In the continuum of our marketplace platform analyses, where we’ve dissected the dynamics of eBay versus Rakuten and Amazon versus Etsy, our lens now shifts to the realm of online food delivery. Zeroing in on the top performers from our inaugural report’s oCX leaderboard, we delve into the nuanced customer sentiments surrounding Beyond Menu and Mr D. Leveraging our Insight Miner feature powered by generative AI, we aim to unravel the intricacies of user experiences, providing a comprehensive understanding of the competitive landscape in the online food delivery sector.

Five months ago, we took a snapshot in our analysis of  Online Food Delivery companies. Beyond Menu ranked 1st out of 80 with an oCX score of 85.  In the same report, Mr D ranked 2nd with an oCX score of 81.

The data utilized for this analysis is from 2023, providing valuable insights that can guide individuals as they navigate the dynamic landscape of online food delivery in 2024. Let’s delve into the intricacies of Beyond Menu and Mr D to understand the customer feedback and prevailing trends in their respective platforms.

Beyond Menu

Founded in 2007 by Daniel Shin in the United States, Beyond Menu has established itself as an online food ordering platform designed to streamline the process of discovering and ordering from local restaurants. Functioning as a user-friendly marketplace, the platform enables customers to explore a diverse array of cuisines, view menus, and place orders for delivery or takeout seamlessly. Over the years, Beyond Menu has expanded its services, fostering partnerships with numerous restaurants across different locations. The company’s business model typically involves charging restaurants a fee for utilizing its platform, providing them with an additional avenue to connect with customers. By prioritizing a convenient and efficient online ordering experience, Beyond Menu has aimed to serve both customers and restaurant owners alike.

Pros of Beyond Menu:


Simple and Easy: User-Friendly Interface:

Beyond Menu excels in providing a positive user experience through its highly acclaimed food ordering app. Users laud its ease of use, efficiency, and convenience, highlighting features such as a wide restaurant selection, a user-friendly interface, and the app’s ability to recall favorite places for streamlined ordering. The comprehensive menu selection, secure payment system, and tipping option further enhance user satisfaction.


Culinary Excellence and Exceptional Service:

Beyond Menu distinguishes itself through exceptional restaurant service and food quality. Customer satisfaction is consistently expressed for the high-quality, fresh food and excellent service provided by the platform’s partnered restaurants. The platform’s swift delivery, generous portions, and distinctive flavors, particularly in non-greasy Chinese dishes, contribute to Beyond Menu’s positive image. Notably, the platform caters to specific preferences, including non-spicy food options, coupled with prompt service, making it a preferred choice among reviewers.

Mr D

Launched in 2016, Mr D Food provides a convenient platform for users to order food from various restaurants and have it delivered to their doorstep. Customers can use the Mr D Food website or mobile app to browse through a diverse range of restaurants, explore menus, and place orders for delivery or collection. Mr D Food has aimed to simplify the food delivery process by offering a user-friendly interface, real-time order tracking, and a variety of payment options. The platform partners with a wide array of restaurants, covering different cuisines to cater to diverse customer preferences. In addition to its core food delivery service, Mr D Food has incorporated features such as special promotions, discounts, and loyalty programs to enhance the overall customer experience.

Pros of Mr D:


Smooth Delivery and Satisfied Palates:

Mr D distinguishes itself through its food delivery service experience, garnering positive reviews from satisfied customers. The platform excels in providing quick delivery times, friendly and helpful drivers, and ensuring the delivery of warm and fresh food. The technology used to notify customers upon arrival is also commended, contributing to an overall positive experience with the service.


Seamless App Usability and Varied Culinary Choices:

Mr D’s app usability is a strong point, as highlighted by reviews focusing on the ease of use and efficiency of the food delivery app. Users express satisfaction with the app’s user-friendly interface, fast delivery times, and effective communication with drivers. The diverse range of food choices and restaurants, coupled with multiple payment methods, further contributes to customers’ overall happiness with the service.

Beyond Menu and Mr D: Leaders in Customer Experience and Badge Earners:

Beyond Menu earned the top position in the Online Food Delivery, Meal Delivery, and North America leaderboards, while Mr D secured 2nd place in Online Food Delivery and Meal Delivery, and clinched the 1st position in the Africa leaderboard. As a token of their success in customer experience, both platforms have earned prestigious badges. You can view the badges at the bottom of the page.


Analyzing Beyond Menu and Mr D in the online food delivery sector reveals their distinct strengths. Beyond Menu, excels in user-friendly app features, a broad restaurant selection, and exceptional restaurant service. Meanwhile, Mr D Food, stands out for its exceptional food delivery experience, quick delivery times, and diverse culinary choices.

In the dynamic landscape of online food delivery in 2024, Beyond Menu and Mr D offer unique advantages catering to varied user preferences. Whether prioritizing efficient ordering or an outstanding delivery experience, these platforms showcase adaptability and emphasize the importance of addressing customer feedback for sustained excellence.

For any inquiries regarding this analysis, feel free to reach out to us here. Bon appétit!

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