Shopee vs Lazada: What to expect in 2024?


Shopping on Lazada and Shopee: What to expect in 2024?


In our series of marketplace platform analyses, we previously delved into the dynamics of eBay versus Rakuten and Amazon versus Etsy. Now, turning our focus to Southeast Asia, we scrutinize the customer sentiments surrounding Lazada and Shopee, exploring nuances in customer sentiments through our generative AI-powered Insight Miner feature.

Two months ago, we took a snapshot in our analysis of  Online Marketplaces. Lazada ranked 12th out of 85 with an oCX score of 49.  In the same report, Shopee to our surprise ranked 14th with an oCX score of 45.

The data utilized for this analysis is from late 2023, providing valuable insights that can guide individuals as they navigate the dynamic landscape of online shopping in 2024. Let’s delve into the intricacies of Lazada and Shopee to understand the customer feedback and prevailing trends in their respective platforms.


Established in 2012, Lazada stands as a prominent e-commerce giant in the Southeast Asian region. Originally founded in Singapore, Lazada has rapidly expanded its reach to multiple countries, becoming a household name in online retail. Lazada’s platform encompasses a wide spectrum of products, ranging from electronics and fashion to household goods. Focusing on customer convenience, Lazada offers both traditional online retail and a marketplace for third-party sellers. With a commitment to providing a seamless and secure shopping experience, Lazada has become an integral part of the digital retail landscape, catering to the diverse needs of a growing online consumer base.

Pros of Lazada:


Product Quality and Swift Delivery:

This topic cluster reflects the sentiments of customers who applaud Lazada for consistently delivering not only high-quality products but also for doing so with remarkable promptness. Customers express their satisfaction, emphasizing that the convenience and reliability of Lazada’s fast delivery services contribute significantly to their positive shopping experiences. The platform’s commitment to maintaining product quality and ensuring swift deliveries reinforces its reputation as a dependable choice in the realm of online retail.


App Excellence and Shopping Convenience:

Customers within this cluster specifically commend the Lazada app for its user-friendly interface, noting its intuitive design that enhances the overall ease of navigation. The positive feedback extends to the diverse product range available on the platform, allowing users to find a wide variety of items conveniently. Additionally, the highlighted appreciation for the app’s helpfulness in facilitating seamless online shopping underscores Lazada’s commitment to delivering a comprehensive and satisfying e-commerce experience for its users.

Cons of Lazada:


Voucher and Cashback Operational Challenges:

Customers in this cluster express significant frustration over challenges related to voucher and cashback usage on Lazada. They detail instances where the app’s system detects unusual activity, hindering their ability to redeem rewards. Complaints also center around the unavailability of rewards, with users encountering difficulties in accessing or utilizing the benefits promised. Furthermore, the lack of timely assistance from customer service exacerbates the operational challenges, and the expiration of cashback adds an additional layer of disappointment for users navigating these issues.

Ad Intrusiveness and User Experience Disruption:

Customers in this category detail their frustration with the intrusive nature of Lazada’s ads, highlighting instances where the advertisements extend beyond the app itself and intrude into unrelated applications. Users express irritation over the disruption caused to their activities, emphasizing the difficulty in closing these ads. This broader concern underscores the impact of ad intrusiveness on the overall user experience, prompting users to voice their dissatisfaction with this aspect of the Lazada platform.


Launched in 2015, Shopee has swiftly risen to prominence as a leading e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia and beyond. Known for its innovative approach to online shopping, Shopee provides users with a dynamic and interactive platform. This mobile-first marketplace not only offers a diverse range of products through its user-friendly app but also incorporates features such as in-app games, live streaming, and social elements, enhancing the overall shopping experience. Shopee has successfully cultivated a vibrant community of buyers and sellers, contributing to its status as a key player in the ever-expanding world of online commerce.

Pros of Shopee:


App Efficiency and Seamless Shopping:

Customers within this cluster not only appreciate the app’s efficiency but also commend its swift loading times and responsive design, factors that contribute to the overall positive shopping experience. The user-friendly interface is specifically highlighted as a key contributor to the app’s efficiency, allowing for intuitive browsing and seamless transactions. The noted utility and convenience extend beyond mere functionality, encapsulating the app’s role in enhancing the entire online shopping journey for users who value a streamlined and hassle-free experience.


Effortless Transactions and Timely Deliveries:

Customers in this cluster not only praise the app for its straightforward navigation but also highlight the platform’s commitment to maintaining a diverse and high-quality product range. The positive sentiments extend to the appreciation of Shopee’s dedication to timely deliveries, ensuring that customers receive their orders promptly. This combination of user-friendly features, product quality, and punctual services reinforces the app’s position as a reliable and convenient choice in the competitive landscape of online shopping, resonating with users who seek both efficiency and excellence in their shopping experiences.

Cons of Shopee:


Excessive Ads:

Individuals in this cluster communicate their displeasure with the abundance of advertisements within the app. They express irritation at the intrusive nature of these ads, considering them disruptive to their overall user experience. Users report challenges in closing these ads, with the frequent interruptions hindering the fluidity of their browsing sessions. Additionally, some express concerns about the relevance and targeting of the ads, indicating a desire for a more personalized and less obtrusive advertising approach on the Shopee platform.

Logistical Challenges and Service Quality Concerns:

Users within this cluster articulate grievances regarding the delivery service, citing issues such as lost parcels, delayed deliveries, and encounters with discourteous delivery personnel. Their dissatisfaction extends to Shopee’s proprietary delivery service, reflecting concerns about overall service quality. Some users express frustration over the lack of timely resolution for delivery-related issues, underscoring the need for improved communication and efficiency within Shopee’s delivery operations to enhance the overall customer experience.


Our analysis highlights the strengths and weaknesses of Lazada and Shopee, two prominent players in the online retail landscape. Lazada excels in delivering high-quality products promptly, with a user-friendly app that enhances shopping convenience. However, challenges related to voucher and cashback operations pose frustrations for some users.

On the other hand, Shopee impresses customers with an efficient app, seamless transactions, and timely deliveries, contributing to an overall positive shopping experience. Nevertheless, the prevalence of excessive ads and logistical challenges, including delivery issues and service quality concerns, dampen the user experience for some.

In the ever-evolving e-commerce environment, both platforms must carefully address customer feedback to sustain and improve user experiences. The synthesis of customer sentiments, highlighted through generative AI, emphasizes the need for adaptability in navigating the dynamic landscape of online retail. Whether you choose Lazada or Shopee, these insights can guide you in optimizing your online shopping experiences.

For any inquiries regarding this analysis, feel free to reach out to us here. Happy shopping!

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