Why Do Leading Food Delivery Apps Outperform Their Competitors?


Exploring beyond the surface of oCX leaderboards, we conduct a comprehensive data analysis to decipher the core elements defining a superior food delivery experience. Drawing insights from our machine learning-based examination of over 100,000 user reviews, our aim is to empower food delivery apps to refine their offerings, address user pain points, and elevate overall customer satisfaction in the realm of food delivery. This analysis is based on our newly released Food Delivery oCX Report Spring 2024, providing fresh and actionable insights for the industry.

A Glimpse into Food Delivery Pioneers:

Amidst the multitude of food delivery apps saturating the US market, the distinguished leaders boasting the highest oCX scores include Beyond Menu, Jersey Mike’s, and Domino’s. With an impressive average oCX score of 56 for these top contenders, it’s evident that they excel in satisfying user expectations. In contrast, the average score for other food delivery apps stands at a mere -9. This stark contrast underscores the imperative need to discern what distinguishes these top performers. What precisely contributes to this significant disparity? Let’s explore the specific focal points highlighted by users.

To shed light on their success, the Chief Revenue Officer of Beyond Menu shared some insights into their approach:

“We operate with a ‘restaurant first’ mindset. Everything we build is designed to solve the problems faced by the restaurants we serve – we want to help them meet their goals. By putting their success front and center, we empower independent restaurants and create a seamless ordering experience for their customers. Customer satisfaction is the highest priority for our restaurant partners and we help them drive repeat business and gather positive reviews that build their online audience.”

Gradie Oakes

Chief Revenue Officer at Beyond Menu

Unpacking the Driving Forces: The Top 5 Priority Topics for Users

A closer examination reveals that the top five most frequently reviewed topics for US-based food delivery apps encompass App Usability, Service Quality, Product Quality, Delivery Process, and Delivery Time.

Across all US-based food delivery apps, these five topics collectively command 77% of user reviews, with App Usability garnering the highest review frequency. Remarkably, the leading contenders consistently outshine the industry average across all discussed topics.

  • According to our analysis, app usability emerges as the primary customer experience topic, featuring in one-third of all customer reviews. Notably, leading food delivery apps receive 117% more positive usability reviews than the average food delivery app.
  • Service quality follows closely as the second most discussed topic, appearing in approximately 18% of all conversations. Leading food delivery apps receive about 90% more positive service quality reviews than their counterparts.
  • The gap between leading apps and others narrows in terms of product quality, indicating overall user satisfaction with food delivery app capabilities.
  • Delivery process emerges as a significant pain point for app users. Leading food delivery apps witness 40% negative reviews regarding the delivery process, in contrast to the 64% average among other food delivery apps.

Below, you’ll find a table about oCX scores of the two grupos and an infographic elucidating the most reviewed topics, along with the percentage of positive and negative reviews received by both top contenders and other food delivery apps for each respective topic.


oCX Score (Average)

oCX Leaders (Beyond Menu, Domino's and Jersey Mike's)


Beyond Menu


Jersey Mike's




Rest of the Food Delivery Apps


In summary, it’s evident that leading food delivery platforms such as Beyond Menu, Jersey Mike’s, and Domino’s have surpassed industry standards in elevating user experience, notably excelling in critical aspects like App Usability and Service Quality, which hold paramount importance for users.

Nevertheless, both the frontrunners and other players in the industry encounter hurdles concerning the Delivery Process, marked by a notable influx of negative feedback, particularly within the latter group. Looking ahead, it becomes imperative for food delivery apps to comprehend and rectify these disparities to sustain competitiveness in an ever-demanding market landscape.

For more insights and a comprehensive analysis, you can download our detailed Food Delivery oCX Report Spring 2024 below.

Blog Infographic

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Food Delivery oCX Report

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As the growth rate of the food delivery industry slows, the competition to acquire and retain customers intensifies. To gain an edge, it’s crucial to understand and swiftly respond to customer needs. In the Spring edition of our Food Delivery Industry report, we analyzed the customer needs across 75 food delivery brands, including industry giants like Uber Eats, DoorDash, Grubhub, Domino’s, and Starbucks.


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