oCX: Capturing Authentic Customer Sentiment Without Surveys

  • oCX (Observational Customer Experience): A unique metric we’ve developed to gauge the quality of customer experience.
  • Derived from Actual Written Feedback: Unlike traditional survey-based metrics, oCX provides a richer and more authentic reflection of the customer’s perspective.
  • Advanced AI Techniques: We use advanced AI techniques to assign numerical scores to customer reviews.
  • Accurate Assessment: This approach allows us to accurately assess the overall customer experience across various channels.
  • Multiple Channels: Data is gathered from surveys, social media comments, and reviews.
oCX Scores

Turn unstructured feedback into action with oCX 

  • Richer and More Authentic Reflection: The oCX metric can provide a richer and more authentic reflection of the actual customer experience a company delivers.
  • Various Sources of Data: This unstructured data can be gathered from various sources such as app store reviews, Google Play, App Store, Trustpilot, Google Reviews, and many other platforms, all within just a few minutes.
  • Genuine Insights: By analyzing this data, oCX allows companies to gain genuine insights.
  • Actionable Steps: These insights enable companies to take actionable steps to improve their customer experience.

“When a customer gives you feedback (good and bad), it’s a gift. Finding a way to analyze and measure that feedback is crucial to understanding how customers react to your products and services. The new oCX (Observational Customer Experience) metric is intriguing. This is the type of metric that can help you operationalize the feedback and reviews to create a better customer experience for your future customers.”

Shep Hyken

Customer Experience Expert and New York Times & Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author

oCX Reports

Our Consumer Perspectives Series aims to unveil key insights and emerging trends in customer experience across the online food delivery, marketplace, and fintech sectors. Explore our reports to gain valuable insights into these dynamic industries and discover what drives exceptional customer experiences.

Food Delivery oCX


  • As the growth rate of the food delivery industry slows, the competition to acquire customers intensifies. It’s crucial to understand and swiftly respond to customer needs.
  • Analysis of 75 food delivery brands, like Uber Eats, DoorDash, Domino’s, and Starbucks.

Fintech oCX


  • Unveil key insights and emerging trends in customer experience across fintech apps and discover what drives exceptional customer experiences.
  • Understand cultural and local trends in fintech experiences in North America, Europe, and Asia

E-Commerce oCX


  • AI based analysis of 485,000 customer reviews in 2023 of top 85 brands in the world including Amazon, Ebay, Myntra and Rakuten
  • Introduction of oCX: Observational Customer Experience score – an objective metric to quantify customer reviews

oCX Badges

oCX badges are awarded to companies that achieve top oCX scores in their respective industries. These badges signify excellence in customer experience, as evaluated through our AI-powered observational customer experience (oCX) metric. Companies that earn an oCX badge can proudly display it on their websites, showcasing their commitment to providing exceptional customer experiences. By leveraging unsolicited customer feedback from social media, review sites, and other online platforms, the oCX badge reflects a company’s ability to meet and exceed customer expectations without the need for traditional surveys.

Grocery Delivery Leader Spring24

Sub-Category Winners

The Sub-Category Winners Badge honors top performers in sectors like fashion, entertainment, food delivery etc. from our oCX reports.

marketplaces ocx leader

Global Winners

The Global Winners Badge honors the top three performers worldwide, setting a global standard for excellence from our oCX reports.


north america ocx leader

Regional Winners

The Regional Winners Badge honors the top three performers in key regions like Europe, North America, South America, and Asia. 

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