Turn Customer Feedback into Revenue Loyalty Growth

Alterna CX solution leverages customer feedback to drive growth and streamline operations, while eliminating technical complexities and avoiding lengthy integrations.

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Decreased customer complaints by 20%


Increased NPS Score

by 18 points


Saved 200+ hours of manual analysis

Trusted By World’s Leading Customer-Centric Brands

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The old way of listening to the voice of customers isn’t enough

  • Voice of Customer feedback relying solely on surveys often fails to capture the full picture. You are missing out on optimizing business impact.

  • There’s a disconnect between customer experience feedback and KPIs such as revenue, churn, and retention.

  • Manual analysis of data consumes valuable time that could be better spent on analysis.

What if you could start operationalizing customer insights immediately across your teams?

  • Seamlessly integrate surveys and unstructured data sources into your team’s workflow.

  • Quantify the impact of customer experience by demonstrating the ROI of CX on KPIs.

  • Utilize your time wisely by leveraging automated text analytics for faster decision-making and efficient team collaboration.

 All Voice of Customer Data in One Screen

We use generative AI to quantify customer feedback from 85+ ready data sources, to provide comprehensive and unified Voice of Customer insights.


We use the oCX, Observational Customer Experience, an AI-powered metric designed to quantify customer reviews without relying on traditional surveys.


Gain a competitive advantage by leveraging actionable insights to increase revenue, driving growth and fostering long-term customer loyalty.


Watch How We Do It

oCX Insights


oCX (Observational Experience) is Alterna CX’s proprietary metric that assesses the quality of each company’s customer experience without relying on traditional surveys.


Food Delivery oCX


  • As the growth rate of the food delivery industry slows, the competition to acquire customers intensifies. It’s crucial to understand and swiftly respond to customer needs.
  • Analysis of 75 food delivery brands, like Uber Eats, DoorDash, Domino’s, and Starbucks.

Fintech oCX


  • Unveil key insights and emerging trends in customer experience across fintech apps and discover what drives exceptional customer experiences.
  • Understand cultural and local trends in fintech experiences in North America, Europe, and Asia

E-Commerce oCX


  • AI based analysis of 485,000 customer reviews in 2023 of top 85 brands in the world including Amazon, Ebay, Myntra and Rakuten
  • Introduction of oCX: Observational Customer Experience score – an objective metric to quantify customer reviews

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